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Souvenir products

Tarusa embroidery offers you souvenir products from natural linen with and without embroidery

  • а) For interior decoration

    • curtains
    • bedspreads
    • tablecloths
    • napkins
    • sofa cushion
    • rollers
    • dummy

    Linen fabric can rightfully be called one of the main elements when creating a home interior. Embroidered curtains will relieve you of the dreary and boring mood in your home.

    The modern fashion for fabrics that adorn the interiors of homes, hotels and restaurants can captivate and intrigue even the most ignorant people. Indeed, according to experts, the fashion for interior design has recently been very relevant. Linen fabric, especially flax of natural color, is recognized as a special element in creating a stylish decor.

b) Kitchen accessories

  • aprons
  • potholders
  • towels

The modern kitchen is more than just a place to prepare food. The life of every family is connected with the kitchen: here they meet the day, sit late after midnight, make plans for the future and make important decisions. The kitchen embodies the hearth and comfort, so necessary for every person.

An apron, towels and potholders are the main helpers in the kitchen, they are convenient, aesthetically pleasing and allow you to create a variety of kitchen decorations. Kitchen textile accessories made of linen fabrics are smart, practical and affordable. Kitchen accessories from the Tarusa embroidery factory are of high quality. These items, unique in their functionality, will delight you, create comfort and good mood in the house for a long time.

c) Ceremonial products

  • towels for weddings and weddings
  • christening gowns

Every year the interest in traditions grows and fortunately they have not been lost by folk arts and crafts. Observing traditions, the Tarusa Embroidery Factory offers you towels and baptismal shirts made only from natural flax.

Towels of our production are the pride of art crafts in Russia. They preserve old plot motives and develop modern ones.

d) For decoration of gifts

  • pouches
  • boots
  • sachet

New Year’s bags, boots and sachets are the perfect decoration for any of your gifts. In such packaging, the gift will look really New Year’s, and it is better to leave the bags and wrappers for other celebrations.

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