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Tarusa embroidery offers you

linen bed linen with embroidery:
  • duvet covers
  • sheets
  • pillowcases
  • bed linen sets
  • rollers
  • dummy

When choosing bed linen, the main factor is the individual feel of the material. When touching the human body, the fabric should create a feeling of comfort. Bed linen made from natural linen has a healing effect on the human body. Sleep is influenced not only by the emotional and physical state of a person, the environment around him, but also by what we sleep on and with what we hide. Therefore, the main prerequisite for a person’s well-being and high performance is a healthy and
comfortable sleep, which is provided by linen bedding.

Classics have always been and will always be in fashion, so pastel colors remain the most  demanded among buyers. The rhythm of today’s life is very impetuous, by the evening I want the interior of the bedroom to calm down, and the eyes to rest. Therefore, it is no coincidence that they are trying to return to bed linen with traditional folk embroidery, which carries the positive energy of manual labor.

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