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Clothes for men and women

Tarusa embroidery offers you men's and women's clothing made of natural linen

  • dresses
  • sundresses
  • skirts
  • tunics
  • blouses
  • pants
  • breeches
  • capri shorts
  • costumes
  • jackets
  • shirts
  • blouses
  • pajamas
  • night shirts
  • bath sets

Due to the unique properties of linen, clothes made of linen fabrics cool in the heat and retain heat in the cold season. Linen fabric evaporates quickly and absorbs moisture well. After each wash, the  fabric becomes softer and thus the consumer properties of the material are improved. These clothes are ideal for work, sports and leisure.

Linen yarn is the most durable yarn, it does not shrink at high temperatures and does not shrink much. And if it’s hot outside, then linen clothes are much more comfortable for the body than cotton clothes.

You can talk endlessly about the wonderful properties of flax, just dress in flax, and you can test for yourself its amazing energy

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