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Interior products,
women's and men's clothing with embroidery,
souvenir products.

About the factory

The Tarusa Factory of Artistic Embroidery is a traditional art craft in the Kaluga region of Russia. The
enterprise carefully preserves and develops the traditional folk embroidery of the Tarusa region –
intertwining color.

The city of Tarusa has long been famous for its unique embroidery. It is distinguished by its
brightness, expressiveness and decorativeness, folk motives carry the memory of ancient rituals and
amulets, rich colors create a festive mood.


(dresses, skirts, blouses, trousers, breeches, sundresses, suits, jackets, shirts, etc.)

Souvenir products

(curtains, tablecloths, napkins, towels, bedspreads, dummies, pillows, etc.)


(duvet covers, sheets, pillowcases, bed linen sets, rollers, dummy, etc)

Table linen

napkins, servet, tea and coffee paths)

A modern assortment of products from the Tarusa embroidery factory

Trend accessories for interior decoration.

Linen fabric can rightfully be called one of the main elements in creating a home interior. Embroidered curtains will relieve you of the dreary and boring mood in your home.

The modern fashion for fabrics that adorn the interiors of houses, hotels and restaurants can captivate and intrigue even the most ignorant people. Indeed, according to experts, the fashion for interior design has recently been very relevant. And linen fabric, especially linen of natural color, is recognized as a
special element in creating stylish decor

Embroidery technique

Tarusa embroidery is divided into two main types: white stitching and color intertwining and is carried out on a pulled-out 3×3 mm grid. In Tarusa embroidery, various decorative stitches, a column, a tassel in a split, with different filling of patterns, wide and narrow, are widely used. There is also used “banner” embroidery, which is performed on the whole fabric, according to the thread count.

I. Colored interweave

Executed on a grid. The ornament is applied by counting the cells using the technique: single, straight, oblique darning, flooring, air loop, satin stitch, twisting. The background is densely entwined with colored thread, usually red.

II. White stitching

To carry out stitching, the prepared mesh is intertwined diagonally from left to right. Then, an ornament is applied to the intertwined mesh by counting cells using various techniques: single, straight and oblique stitching (darning), flooring, air loop, satin stitch.

Embroidered clothing is already a global trend. And a few of these things in the wardrobe are more the norm than the exception.

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